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Information is the key to making the right decision in any situation. Get better informed about door locksets and keys by reading the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions in the locksmith industry. Use what you learn on this specially created FAQ page to make the best decisions regarding your security.

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If you are looking for smart answers to various lock and key related questions, you better take a look at our answers. We give attention to details and try to exhaust every part of your frequently asked questions. Our answers will be the means for higher security and help you solve problems.

  • How can UPVC door locks improve the security at my house?

    Regular locks usually use only one mechanism which can be relatively easily tampered with. UPVC door locks, on the other hand, use several strong mechanisms in one device which are operated with a single key. This makes them more difficult for thieves to defeat, without making them more inconvenient for you to operate.

  • Why should I change my new flat's locks?

    You don't need lock change for the new flat unless the existing locks are damaged or old. You need lock rekey though so that other people, who have stayed in the same flat won't pay you a visit if they still have the keys.

  • Why isn't my key inserted in the lock?

    Check for key problems. It could be rusty or bent. In such cases, it wouldn't enter the lock easily. It might also be the lock's fault. It might be stiff due to lack of lubrication and dirt. Call our specialists in Chelsea for service.

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